I wasn't sure how different this course was going to be from MGT 372; however, after reading through Chapter 3 I realized some significant variances yet also commonalities that I think will be useful. The venture will probably be focusing a bit more on process innovation rather than product innovation. With a larger group of people thus more creative energies and an environment that allows for high risk, I think we have room for more radical innovation rather than the incremental we achieved in 372.

I found the authors point interesting in explaining the competence destroying innovation vs. competence-enhancing innovation. This made me think of Hostess's bankruptcy; I believe what helped to contribute to the demise of the company was with the trend shifting towards healthy snacks, Hostess didn't take advantage of changing consumer tastes and ultimately healthy was a competence-destroying innovation. If I were one of the bidders I would definitely reinvent the brand.

ya lost me at S curves. I fell asleep. I liken it to a "product life cycle" where there is an introduction, growth, maturity or plateau, and evetually a decline where a company would ultimately introduce a new product or switch to a new technology. =)

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