• ME4G4N

    Head of IT/Communications

    January 20, 2013 by ME4G4N

    Some questions raised by the CEO:

    What tecchnologies will be used to communicate?

    How will we assure that everyones voice is heard and everyone sees the information they need to see?

    How will these be organized?

    Definitely will be using our FB page, MGT 420, for active group discussions that may or may not deal directly with our project (product/service). Other topics may include taking polls (opinions on various topics), coordinating meetings, deciding on a company party, and etc. E-mails are easier for one way communication or private discussions. Due to the co-location, budget, and scope of project will probably not use any sophisticated collaboration software.

     I think my main responsibility will be to put together an awesome website that a…

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  • ME4G4N

    Chapter 3 Summary

    January 9, 2013 by ME4G4N

    I wasn't sure how different this course was going to be from MGT 372; however, after reading through Chapter 3 I realized some significant variances yet also commonalities that I think will be useful. The venture will probably be focusing a bit more on process innovation rather than product innovation. With a larger group of people thus more creative energies and an environment that allows for high risk, I think we have room for more radical innovation rather than the incremental we achieved in 372.

    I found the authors point interesting in explaining the competence destroying innovation vs. competence-enhancing innovation. This made me think of Hostess's bankruptcy; I believe what helped to contribute to the demise of the company was with t…

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