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Scott Forsgren, Leena Hamad, Evan Ulickas, Rachel Griffin, Thomas Doggett, Kelly DenglerEdit

2/12/2013: Operations made all of the pre-ordered arrangements, as well as extras to sell in Showker on Wednesday and Thursday.


On Friday, all of the Operations department went to Meagan's apartment to learn how to make the cake pops. We made a sample batch in which we will be bringing to class on Monday. Since we are not using sticks for the cake pop samples, the cake was very hard and time consuming to dip in chocolate. In order to make operations go more smoothly, we came up with a solution that allows for a lot less labor intensive work for the samples. A drizzle of chocolate over the cake pops will allow the Operations team to produce more samples, more efficiently. Meagan also agrees with this change. The Operations department is planning to meet on Tuesday to make the cake pop samples and hopes to have them done by Tuesday night so that Wednesday can be devoted to packaging and handing them out.

Rachel Griffin typed up an inventory list with the supplies that Meagan has let us borrow to make the pops. Also, Leena and Evan went to Costco on Friday to get the pricing of some of the items (chocolate chips, oil, eggs) we will need if we chose to purchase them in bulk. Unfortunetely, Costco does not sell cake mix or frosting in bulk so Rachel has contacted Duncan Hines Professional to check on pricing for those in bulk quantities.

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