Today H.R. presented on the company overall rules and regulations, this included absenteeism ( consisting of three days) so please be mindful of this. Today was the first day that attendance was taken officially. Those of you who were absent will need to talk to your department head. Finance will be in charge of the company bank account, and all exspendatures will need to be approved through their deartment. Please no matter what you buy save the recepit, always ask for one when you purchase something and give it to the Finance dept.

The name "Sweet Madison Delivery" was choosen for the cake pops being sold for valentines day, after which the name will be shortened to "Madison Delivery". Slogans for the company are still being voted on, and if you think of any more bring them next class.

On Friday, 2/1/13, the company will be signing contracts which will be kept on file with the H.R. department. Please bring $20 cash with you to next class as funding for the company. Also, if you think that Meagan should use a website other than ipage then please let her know which one and why, also be prepared to support your veiw in front of the class friday.

Thank you all for such a productive day!


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