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Web Host OptionsEdit

You asked me to compile a list of web hosting options with prices. I have compared the top three that are feasible for our company. I recommend iPage because it’s user friendly, customizable, and provides management tools. The total cost/person would $8.00, if we choose to add a mobile-friendly site. Here is a list of options for our website host:


·         $8.99/month, billed $107.88 for 12 months, cancellation refund for unused portion ON SALE NOW for $1.99 for the first 3 months

·         Mobile site is $2.99/month

·         Rated # 1 on

·          multiple features including:

sending/receiving emails/ and unlimited email accounts, visitor statistics, PayPal integration, multi-media features, MySQL database management, marketing options, 24/7 live chat customer support and etc.

·         Unlimited bandwidth /unlimited disk space

accepts credit cards for eCommerce and free online store with shopping cart ( rep said they do not charge a transaction fee however, we need to check with the merchant account)

ssl certificate  - (encryption) will protect customers senstitive information

personalized domain is included for one year

high reliability with 24/7 network monitoring, uninterruptable power supply, and redundant harware


      ·         $4.95/month, billed $59.40 for 12 months with pro-rated refund if cancelled

      ·         Mobile site is $2.99/month

·         Rated #2, may be a bit less customizable

·         Basically same features as ipage


·         Free

·         Low reliability/slow load times

·         If we just want a basic website to direct customers to learn more about our venture

·         Doesn’t offer many of the upgraded features including mobile site, e-mail, DB management

Professor Wales mentioned Shoplify which may be more professional and a lot more customizable but the most basic is $29/month and that is about 1 gb of storage, 2% transaction fee, and doesn't include the code engine for max customization, next step up is $59/month...

If you need more information or have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I would like your approval/funding on this within the next week so I can begin building the website.

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