From Monday's class,

Another congratulations to Tim, our company's newly elected CEO.

For wednesday's class be sure to come prepared with an idea of which part of the company you would like to work in. Make sure you post your ideas on the wikia page with the others we posted so that way we can look at them all in one place next class. Also, if you did not turn in your reflection paper on the type of structure, make sure to turn it in next class.

From Fridays class (1/11/13) the discussion ended with,

R&D/ Ops (7 people)


  • Making product
  • Supply chain
  • Process innovation
  • Technical design
  • Quality control


  • Organized
  • Creativity
  • Innovative

Finance (4 people)


  1. Money
  2. Funds
  3. Bank account
  4. Payroll

Sales/ Marketing (6 people)


  • Selling
  • Event
  • Promotion
  • After sales
  • Customer relations

Human Relations (1 person)


  • Employee conduct
  • Policies & proceedures
  • Scribe

CEO- being voted in on Monday (1/14/13)

-After speeches are heard, a majority vote will elect the CEO

  • Side note- I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If anyone ever has a question or comment they do not wish to voice to the rest of the class feel free to contact me and i will keep your comments anonymous, i want everyones opinion to be heard within the company.

-Brandi Burgess

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